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Rife Magazine is making a book. And we need your help.

The country is messed up and our future is looking gloomy.

The country is messed up and our future is looking gloomy. We, Britain’s young people, have to live with the repercussions of what the oldies have done — we didn’t vote for Brexit, we didn’t vote in Theresa May, and you know what? We’re sick of being talked about instead of talked to. So here’s our book. Written for you by us. You’re welcome.

The voice of this generation is noticeably absent from mainstream media, online comment pieces and from news reports. Oi, editors! What are you so scared of? Why aren’t you commissioning us?

As usual, it looks like it’s up to us to commission ourselves.

Head to the crowdfund page here

Curated by author and editor of ‘The Good Immigrant’, Nikesh Shukla and journalist/Rife alumna Sammy Jones, Rife: 20 Stories From Britain’s Youth collects twenty young people’s essays about money, mental health, sex, gender, equality, education, crime and the future.

The writers, all under 24 and selected from all over the UK, include Ella Marshall, Liv Little, Amber Kirk-Ford, Rosalind Jana, Ailsa Fineron and many more names still to be announced.

What they all have in common are their essential insights into what it means to be young in Britain right now. Against the apocalyptic backdrop 2016 has provided us with, our stories prove we are still full of ideas and aspirations. And maybe they’ll fill you with hope too.

If you’re under 24, with an interesting story to tell, get in touch with editor@rifemagazine.co.uk – we have plenty of room for writers new to us with important stories to tell. See below.

Pitch Your Essay Idea

We are incredibly excited and happy to announce that we will be taking pitches for a limited amount of essays for our forthcoming book of amazing stories told by the UK’s young people. We have already secured almost half of the essays we’re looking for from some of the most dazzling leading lights of writing around, but we need your thoughts to complete what we hope to be a document of both searing truths and a much-needed promise of change.

If you’re under 24 and have 3-5000 words in you, you might consider pitching to us.

The kind of stories we’re seeking fit into lots of different categories. Think different family situations, religious beliefs, approaches to dating, thoughts on social media, nationalities, bodies, genders, political beliefs, social classes, living spaces, financial situations, jobs, or addictions. Try political, sad, funny, moving, hopeful, or all of these things. As long as it’s created by the written word, different formats are welcomed too. What about a vlog script? An epic poem? Or an iMessage conversation?cleardot.gif

However, please treat these as mere suggestions only. Hopefully you can see that we’re seeking a breadth of experiences from all kinds of people, and the only thing we anticipate will bind them all is a clear, individual first person voice, a link to personal lived experience, and a sharp political angle backed up by statistics where applicable (this might not mean you if you want to regale us with your most outrageous Tinder hookups, for example).

If you’d like to pitch, please send us 200 words or less outlining your essay to editor@rifemagazine.co.uk. It must demonstrate the guidelines in the above paragraph. Thank you – we are so looking forward to reading your ideas. 

DEADLINE FOR PITCHES: 5pm, 28th February 2017.