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Photo by: Vanessa Bellaar-Sprujit

Photo by: Vanessa Bellaar-Sprujit

Rife Magazine wants your content

Send us your ideas for blogs, articles, videos, pictures and opinions. Rife magazine is yours and we want the content to come from you. It could be in any form you choose.

Submit your idea using the form below. Let us know what story you want to tell, where you from and how we can get in contact with you.

When you’re sending us your idea for Rife, think about these things:

  • Have we covered what you’re talking about before? If so, are you saying anything new?
  • How would you sum up your story in one sentence?
  • Why is it relevant to young people in Bristol? Our audience is under 24s, like you.
  • Why are you the best person to tell this story?

Send your pitch now

    Before we publish your content you’ll need to read Rife's terms and conditions.

    What you’ll get if you contribute:

    •       A platform to showcase your work
    •       Mentoring, editorial advice and feedback from our in-house team of experts
    •       Access to equipment and resources like cameras
    •       Promotion on our social media channels

    Extra things to know:

    • We have an incredibly busy office and sometimes if takes a few weeks for us to get back to you. If you haven’t heard from the editor within four weeks, email us and prod.
    • We never say no to anything, but we might work on shaping your idea so it’s a really good fit for Rife.
    • All feedback we give is to make your piece the best you can make it. We’ll never be mean.
    • We’ll only use this information to get in contact with you about your pitch. For more information about how we use your personal data please read our privacy policy