Top Tips From the South West's Freshest Film Talent

Imo Downes headed to the BFI Film Academy showcase to nick some knowledge from the best in the filmmaking business...
Upskilling / / Imogen Downes

Making your mark on Bristol's music scene

Miya Lacey quizzes two up-and-coming artists and promoters on how to get your music into as many ears as possible...
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Oral Performance: For Those Who Want To Be Heard

Euella explores how you can use oral performance to change the world1
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How To Kickstart A Career In The Arts

Want to kick start your career in the arts1
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How To Make The Perfect Pitch

Want to learn how to make the perfect pitch for an idea you have1
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Thick-Skinned: Interview with Larissa Hope

The Skins star on fame, university and being from Bristol1
Upskilling / / Euella Jackson

Callisthenics: The World Is Your Gym

Meet Tug MC and Star Boy Asian, Bristol's body weight masters in this documentary about callisthenics1
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Five Ways To Impress Employers Online

Euella shares five ways you can use the internet to increase your employability.  Ah, the internet1
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How To Be A Beginner Photographer In Bristol

Tips from Finn about photographing your city1

VIDEO: Five Ways To Brand It Like Beyoncé

In her first vlog for Rife Magazine, Euella is talking about Queen B, Beyoncé, and why we should look to...
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