Five Reasons Why ‘13 Reasons Why’ Affects Young People.

Yafatou watched '13 Reasons Why' and has lots of thoughts about its effect on young people.                     '13 Reasons Why', a...
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A BiGinner’s Guide To Queer Culture in 2017: Television

Continuing her ongoing series exploring the best queer pop culture things out there, Gabrielle looks at television.
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Does The Media Hate Lesbians?

Kaja explores whether or not the media hates lesbians, and what we can do about it.  Last Saturday night me...
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Auditioning For 'The Get Down'

As Aisha prepares herself for an audition, she reflects on the feelings that we all can go through when we...
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The Art Of The Bottle Episode

Film and television aficionado Sam dissects the bottle episode to uncover storytelling's greatest weapon - minimalism.
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Edinburgh International TV Festival: 'The Network' Recap

Four days, three hours sleep per night and a lifetime of knowledge and contacts in the TV industry.
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From YouTube To TV: How 'Writers' Made The Jump

Adam T Cottle's web series 'Writers' recently found its way on to broadcast television.
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British TV Shows That Were Cancelled Before Their Time

We all love sitting down to watch a good bit of television but Leo thinks these shows left our screens...
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TV Shows You Should Be Watching

According to Yero, watching TV is not only good for the soul, it’s a necessity.
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