Social Issues

Five Reasons Trump Sucks

Trumps' presidency is controversial.
Social Issues / / Emily Gee

Gender: It's Not All Black Or White

Charley is sick of the traditional gender roles impacting our society.

Are Schools Lacking?

Saul questions what schools need to be doing to prepare us for the real world.
Social Issues / / Saul Bhaidani

Things I Have Learned About Being Mixed Race

Suraya navigates the trials and tribulations of being mixed race with this handy list.

Exams Are Useless (Kind Of)

Rita wants the way we do exams to change.
Social Issues / / Rita Bagshaw

Reclaiming Ugliness

Imogen discusses the concepts of beauty and ugliness, and calls for us to reclaim the word ugly as an act...
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes

Defying Anxiety: Tips, Tricks And Stories From An Anxious Person

Fardusi is an anxious person who is sick of it dictating her life.
Social Issues / / Fardusi Jahan

Six Things Theresa May Has Done That's Naughtier Than Running Through A Field Of Wheat

In her first piece for Rife, Imogen looks at our Prime Minister's claim that the naughtiest thing she's done is...
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes

COMIC: 'I Think I'm Supposed To Feel Safe In Brown Spaces...'

A new comic from Priyanka explores the life of a queer brown person in Bristol, and the challenges you face.

How Anxiety Controls My Life

This is my one and only personal piece at Rife so I thought I'd save it till the end.
Social Issues / / Barker