Black People On Display: The Forgotten History of Human Zoos

Asmaa examines the hidden history of human beings kept in cages The other day I was searching for pictures of...
History / Social Issues / / Asmaa Jama

Uncovering queer histories: an afternoon with performer Tom Marshman

The Rife team interviews the LGBTQ+ theatre-maker on spirits, seances and aristocracy.
Arts/Culture / History / / Cohort 9

Wicca: insincere aesthetic vs. religious craft

Jessica explores a new interest in the ancient and misunderstood Pagan religion
History / Social Issues / / Jessica Blakeway

Why School History lessons are letting us down

Mikael shares how secondary school history lessons were pivotal in his perception of self, investigating the link between racist ideologies...
History / / Mikael Techane

We Still Aren't Invited To The Party

Olakitan wants a more Bristol-focused Black History Month.
History / / Rife Editor

Does Historical Censorship Hurt Our Young People?

Ella wants us to appreciate the diversity in our history, so these stories are not lost.
History / / Gabrielle Watts

My Real-Life LGBT+ Heroes

History is filled with LGBT+ heroes who aren’t often talked about, so Kaja is taking a look at their...
History / / Kaja Brown

Three Acts Of Protest That Changed The World

Do protests work?
History / / Barker

Never Forget. Always Remember.

Megan visits the Shrouds Of The Somme exhibit and thinks about what a mass loss of life means.
History / / Megan Lewis

What Happened to the Hippies?

Nickie explores the hippy subculture and what it means to be a modern hippy in Bristol.
History / / Nickie Shobeiry