Molly Perryman

Molly has recently left sixth form and feels reasonably ready to take on the world. A regular at live music events, she makes her own music, getting involved in local projects in film or event management, cycling and is a keen photographer.

Odd Sock Productions

Molly catches up with Zoe Alker, the co-founder of Odd Sock Productions, a young Bristol based film production company, making...
Film / / Molly Perryman

'Sound Set!': The Film Industry Needs Audio

Attention all musicians: Molly's here with a handy guide to the different jobs available for sound people in the film...
Film / / Molly Perryman

Where To 'Music' In Bristol

Recently formed a band?
Music / / Molly Perryman

What To Expect In 2015

Molly looks into the future to explore what things to expect in 2015 in the world of media and closer to...
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Molly Perryman

Molly's Year Told Through The Magic Of Cats

Molly has had a very busy year and is reviewing it for us all through the medium of cats.
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Molly Perryman

Fourteen Years of Christmas Lists

Molly looks back at all the Christmas presents she has asked for since she was five-years-old to see how things...
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Q&A With Tanya Lacey

Molly headed to Tanya Lacey's gig and Q&A to find out more about this Bristol born artist.
Music / / Molly Perryman

Six Issues With Bristol Bus Journeys

Getting a bus isn’t always the preferred mode of transport for some.
Bristol / / Molly Perryman

Why You Should Be Watching 'Adventure Time'

Molly watched the first series of 'Adventure Time' on Netflix and feels like you should too.
Film / / Molly Perryman

An Awesome Bristol Band: Weatherstate

Molly checked out new Bristol band 'Weatherstate' and thought they were ace.  Weatherstate are a four-piece punk rock band from...
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