Leo Jay Shire

Leo Jay Shire is a writer of fiction, articles, and poetry from the South West. Raised by the internet and amazed by the power of words, Leo is dedicated to using both the internet and words in a productive and creative way. After leaving school at sixteen to explore alternative ways of learning, Leo went on to study Media & English at university. Her work has appeared on The Body Narratives, Media Diversified and Rife magazine.

Lost and Found Exhibition: Young People In Care Tell Their Stories

Young people in care staged a creative intervention inside the Watershed to explore things they have lost and found.  What...
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The Afro Chronicles: Volume 3

The Afro Chronicles is back with its final instalment, showing you 'Things Only People With Afros Will Understand'.
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The Sweet Rife

Leo's been measuring her six months in ice cream spoons (this is a highbrow TS Eliot reference, cos she's back...
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The Best Vegan Pizzas In Bristol

Leo heads out into Bristol looking for its best vegan pizza.
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The Afro Chronicles: Volume Two

The Afro Chronicles is back.
Lifestyle / / Leo Jay Shire

Imagine The Sounds Of The Albums We’ve All Been Waiting For

Leo, spurred on by Dr Dre's first release in 16 years, wants to know where all the albums she is actually...
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'Inside Out' And Child Mental Health

'Inside Out' is a fun family film, but it's also an important allegory of mental health problems in young people.  ‘...
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How To Protect Your Intellectual Property Online

If you're posting creative content online, you might want to know how to prevent the product of your hard work...
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British TV Shows That Were Cancelled Before Their Time

We all love sitting down to watch a good bit of television but Leo thinks these shows left our screens...
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The Afro Chronicles: Volume One

A comic in which Leo chronicles what it's like having an Afro.
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