Kaja Brown

Kaja Brown is a writer, specialising in political, humorous fantasy but not exclusively so. She also writes articles (as you shall see) along with very honest short stories and anecdotal pieces. But mostly fantasy novels. Her inspirations are Terry Pratchett, Charlaine Harris and Sarah Waters as their novels are wonderfully fantastical or very real representations of life. Kaja’s main goal with her novel writing is to present lots of thought provoking themes in entertaining ways and to bring more LGBT+ characters into the fantasy genre.

She is also a philosopher, and finds ethical and moral issues very interesting. She is a great believer in equality, mental health awareness, and communication. We should just talk all the world’s problems out today so maybe tomorrow will be a more understanding day. This is partly what she wants to achieve in her work with Rife.

Oh, and she likes cats. In the words of Sir Terry Pratchett’s character, Death, when asked what made life worth living: ‘Cats… Cats are nice.’

A Rife Changing Experience

Kaja talks about her time at Rife and what it meant to her.  Funny story, about seven months ago I...
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Beach Body Bother

Why do we feel so guilty about our bodies this time of year?
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Laughter, Dancing and Outcasts: Why Bristol Needs THORNY

Kaja finds out about THORNY, the event that breaks the mould in the most fabulous, daring and inclusive way possible. ...
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The Secret(s) To Confidence

In the final part of Kaja’s 3 Piece Project, Kaja reveals all the confidence advice she’s gathered, and whether...
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Video: Things Awkward People Do

Here is the second part of Kaja's three-piece project on confidence, a video where Kaja looks at things awkward people...
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Can You Con Confidence?

In this three-piece project, Kaja looks at confidence, whether us more awkward people can become confident – and how.
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My Real-Life LGBT+ Heroes

History is filled with LGBT+ heroes who aren’t often talked about, so Kaja is taking a look at their...
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My Favourite Fictional Lesbian And Gay Heroes

Kaja talks about how their fictional gay and lesbian heroes changed their life, and just how important the heroes from...
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Acing That Interview With Your Body Language

Body language is important as you don't know what your face might be saying behind your back.
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Showing Solidarity: On Women's Marches And Unity

This weekend, 2.6 million people took part in Women's Marches all over the world, protesting the current President of the United...
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